Patient Stories

GS sufferers, carers, family and friends share their personal accounts of what it’s like to live with Gitelman Syndrome.

Kelly’s Story
Growing up Kelly had always had problems with feeling tired and pain in her legs.
It wasn’t until years later that it was discovered why.
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Ellie’s Story
Ellie’s partner has Gitelman Syndrome. She explains how the illness doesn’t just affect the sufferer physically, but also those around them.
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Lesley’s Story
Lesley has gone through life not knowing why she was always so tired.
It wasn’t until later in life that doctor’s diagnosed Gitelmans.
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Jayne’s Story
Jayne was only 45 when she died.
Her family didn’t realise Gitelman’s could kill.
They don’t think Jayne did either.

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Debbie’s Story
Debbie’s family have lived with Gitelman’s in many of its members.
As an American, she wants to highlight how it affects people all over the world.

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Jackie’s Story
Jackie tells the heartbreaking story of losing her daughter and granddaughter to Gitelman Syndrome, primarily due to her daughter being told that the condition should not affect her.
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Erica’s Story
Erica can’t remember a time when she wasn’t sick. Suffering from various ailments, and having her family just see her as a lazy kid, meant it wasn’t until she was hospitalised that her condition as diagnosed.

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