Debbie’s Story

I realize most of these stories are from the UK but I am in the USA.

We have a history of Gitelman’s syndrome. My mother’s family have all had kidney problems and she always had low potassium (they thought it was from her high blood pressure meds). She was
nor her siblings were ever diagnosed.

My oldest sister Marie kept getting sick and hospitalized with low potassium. Of course they said she was making herself throw up. Another doctor told her husband it was all in her head. Finally, in the 1990s, our other sister began working with a great doctor. Dr. L we will call him, who thought we had an interesting family.

Out of 5 children 4 had the same symptoms.

He began gathering our medical records for several years and several different doctors(because we lived states apart). He came up with the name of the condition. He ordered the medications and sent the information to us to give to our doctors.

Regretfully our oldest sister past away in March 2015.

We are maintaining our constant watch for the symptoms in our children and grandchildren.